Our mission

We personalize your travel experience.

A tailor-made service, for every guest - in every hotel.

NeedNect Solutions pursues the goal of getting to know its own guests even before their (first) arrival, understanding their wishes and adapting the hotel’s internal offer to the individual guest. The future in tourism reflects the adaptation of the offer to the guest, not the adaptation of the guest to the offer. We stand for more transparency for all parties involved and push for a simplification of time-consuming processes. The wishes of the hotel guests must be transmitted simply and before each vacation by the guest with a single push of a button, for a unique experience.

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“Anyone who does not listen to the guest, recognizes their wishes and longings and does not internalize the changed social values, will sooner or later be left behind.”

Christoph D. Albrecht
Tourism 2025 – Fit for the Future?

Personalization and digitalization in the tourism industry

Numerous industries have been providing their customers with individualized products and goods for years, NeedNect Solutions brings this individualization to the tourism industry.

With NeedNect, guests benefit from a service that is tailored to the wishes and preferences of the guests from the very first minute in the hotel. NeedNect becomes the travel companion for guests and shows them how the vacation can be even more personalized and adapted to their own needs.

Supporting and retaining guests in the long term

The beginning of individualization is in the hotel industry. However, the vacation experience by no means ends at the hotel – on the contrary. Every vacation begins there. And in the coming years, NeedNect will also enable an all-round experience that encompasses the entire travel spectrum.

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