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NeedNect helps you to get to know your guests even before they arrive at your accommodation. Perfectly happy guests are important for the success of every hotel and we help you to reach this goal. Learn everything about your guests‘ preferences and help them to have a personalised hotel experience.

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You want to increase your guests‘ satisfaction? You want to enhance your cross-selling activities?​
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Enhance your guests‘ satisfaction by providing an individual hotel experience. Increase your revenue due to personalised cross selling activies. Decrease your effort with our automatic system.

Our modular Solutions

Choose what solution suites you most.

Guest database

The database which gets more extensive with every hotel stay.

  Get to know your guests‘ needs even before arrival.

  Receive up-to-date information about your guests‘ wishes and desires in real-time.

  Enlarge your guest profiles with your own information about your guests.

  Benefit from travelling guests: wherever your guests are staying- you get more comprehensive guest profiles from every hotel stay

Check-in solution

The digital guest registration form which is completed before you guests arrive.

  Your guests finish the check-in procedure even before arrival.

  Decrease waiting periods at your reception.

  Reduce workload for your staff.

Reasons why to choose NeedNect

Satisfied guests come first

We know how important satisfied guests are for the success of any hotel. That is why NeedNect Solutions relies on a solution that provides you with information about the arriving guests even before their (first) arrival.

More additional sales and efficiency in the hotel

With NeedNect you can assess your hotel guests’ data in advance and adapt the internal planning to the arriving guests. Furthermore, you can create additional offers for your guests and plan them precisely before their arrival.

More safety during a pandemic

NeedNect’s check-in solution enables guests to register online. This will avoid long waiting times at the reception. The guest request solution offers a contactless option to find out what your guests want in advance.

You are a guest centred hotel?​

Share this label of quality at your website and at your hotel. As a guest centred hotel you provide extra service and take care of your guests’ needs.

NeedNect Solutions Seal of Quality

What about GDPR?

NeedNect is a secure and easy solution to meet GDPR criteria.


NeedNect is as safe as Fort Knox. Your data is saved hourly to avoid a loss of data.


Your guests are part of the NeedNect universe. They give you permission to handle their data and make their hotel experience unique.

Your local area

NeedNect is saving the data within your local area to avoid safety risks.

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