Perfectly happy guests and more revenue?

Get to know your guests even before they arrive at your hotel, personalise the hotel experience and ensure perfect matching cross selling activities with NeedNect.

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We know about the importance of your guests‘ satisfaction

Therefore NeedNect Solutions provides a modular software solutions to get to know your guests‘ needs even before they arrive at your hotel.

Connecting hotels and their guests
Connecting hotels and their guests

Database with guests‘ needs and wishes
Database with guests‘ needs and wishes

Real-time information and analysis
Real-time information and analysis

Online check-in tool
Online check-in tool

“NeedNect is a digital solution and an innovative software to increase the guests‘ satisfaction within a hotel. Hotels may provide a personalised guest experience for all arriving guests, reduce expenditure and minimise redundant administrational tasks. NeedNect is a smart guide which helps you to make more accurate planning within your hotel, increase your guests’ satisfaction and improve customised cross selling.”

Ferdinand Wieland, CHA, CMS


Your guests‘ needs are your profit!

By getting to know your guests even before arrival you may create an unique hotel experience for your guests. Therefore you may…

  • Increase your revenue due to customised cross selling
  • Decrease your effort due to automatised processes
  • Enhance your guests‘ satisfaction
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Discover your unique hotel experience

You are tired of annoying hotel procedures to get to know your needs and to check-in? NeedNect is your solution that helps you to facilitate your hotel stay. Tell us about your wishes and we help you with your hotel stay by…

... Sharing your needs and preferences for every hotel stay,

... Conducting your guest registration form,

... Using your individual hotel experience worldwide.

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